Guided private

3 hours / 0km EUR 68/person EN / DE / HU

Make yourself an unforgettable culinary experience and join me for a 6-course dinner in the best restaurant of Debrecen. The menu is loaded with traditional Hungarian dishes but prepared with the latest cooking technologies, paired with the best matching, world famous Hungarian wines. I will join you to this unique dinner experience and familiarise you with all the interesting historical and traditional background of the Hungarian cuisine.

The menu is not only typical Hungarian, but all ingredients come from wihtin 30 km. You can discover the fine dining side of our cuisine, the perfect mix between modern and traditional. The freshest, seasonal and local ingredients make this menu a rich food experience. The eastern part of Hungary, the so called ‘Hajduság’ is abounding in history and due to this the cooking style is different from other parts of the country.

Take a seat with me at the ‘Chef’s table’ right next to the kitchen, where you can get a glimpse of the way a fine-dining restaurants dishes are prepared. While enjoying the wonderfully created course I will entertain you with all the incredibly interesting culinary background dating back 2000 years of Hungarian cooking art. This is an experience you will never forget!

The tour is available without wine course, too (but not suggested ☺ as it is an essential part of the evening). If you do not wish to have alcoholic beverages you will receive a voucher for the price of the wine worth HUF 4.400,- (EUR 14,-) which you can use for the restaurants “larder” where you can buy the artisan products of the restaurant from the best local producers (jams, hams, spices, etc.). At the booking please book the normal dinner with wine but note at the remarks how many person will not have wine included in the menu.

Tour details

Tour starts at 17.30 and lasts at least until 20.00
Meeting point is the Aranybika hotel
Group size is between 2-6 persons
Includes 6 courses with wine and water
No walking during tour
No dress code but a LEISURE-elegant garment is suggested
EUR 68.-/ person
including all food and drinks
Pre-booking is