Frequently Asked Questions

Should I eat before the tour?

We suggest you to have only a snack before the tour. The first stop for eating will be at approximately 10.00 o’clock and you will feel comfortably full at the end.

Is the tour suitable for vegetarians?

As the Hungarian cuisine is rather meat based, most of our tasted dishes will contain meat or diary products.

Can you adapt the tour for me if I am pregnant?

Yes! During the tour we will avoid in your case to have uncooked dishes or serving alcohol. Please let us know at the booking so we can take care of it.

Can I join if I don’t drink alcohol?

Yes! We can adapt the tour and replace the served alcoholic drinks by other beverages.

Can children join the tour?

Of course! We don’t have children prices, so please decide if the kids will taste your food or if they would like to have their own meals. Please consider that alcoholic drinks cannot be served for participants under the age of 18 years.

What if I paid the price of the tour and I cannot join?

In case you cancel your participation 48 hours prior arrival 90% of the paid deposit will be transferred back to you within 5 working days.

Is it only possible to book the tour online by paying the full amount?

No. Booking online is NOT the only possible way. You can choose to pay via PayPal or pay in cash after the tour in EUR or in HUF.

If you do not find the date requested for the tour or you would like to have some changes in the tour, please contact me via a message and we can organise the tour for you this way, too.

Also please note that the tours are FLEXIBLE! If you would like to spend more time and extend the tour with a wine tasting or other programs, please let us know!